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Property Hunter Dubai - Real Estate Consultant Dubai

Who are we ?

Aurélie is a specialized real estate hunter in the dynamic city of Dubai, where the real estate market is known for its luxury but also its diversity. Expert in assisting newcomers to the city, Aurélie goes above and beyond to find the perfect homes and apartments that meet her clients' unique needs and preferences.


With extensive knowledge of the local real estate landscape, she navigates the bustling market to discover hidden gems that match her clients' criteria. Aurélie's commitment to excellence is evident as she looks after her clients from A to Z, ensuring a smooth transition for those moving to Dubai for the first time.


From the initial search for a property to negotiations, including administrative formalities and the final move-in process, Aurélie's personalized and attentive approach makes her a trusted partner in the search for a new housing in this dynamic metropolis.

Founded by her father Jean-François who taught her everything about the business, Aurélie took over the family firm and brought a fresh and energetic perspective to the business, particularly in the area of relocation services in Dubai. Armed with a keen eye for the potential pitfalls and challenges associated with moving to a new city, she has seamlessly integrated her personal touch into the family legacy.


Her commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none, and she goes to great lengths to understand and meet the unique needs of those who entrust her with their move. Her hands-on approach, combined with extensive knowledge of the intricacies of installation in Dubai, allows her to provide comprehensive, tailor-made solutions to her clients.


Under Aurélie's leadership, the family business has not only maintained its reputation, but has also grown as a trusted partner for those navigating the complexities of relocating to this ever-vibrant and cosmopolitan city.

Aurélie & Jean-François Cloix

Property Hunter Dubai - Real Estate Consultant Dubai

Our real estate search process

Our commitment starts from the initial contact, and our goal is to make your Dubai property search experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Here's how we do it:


Needs assessment

We start by understanding your needs, preferences and budget in order to identify your search criteria.


Selection of neighborhoods

Based on your preferences, we identify neighborhoods that match your lifestyle and requirements.


Complete search

With our access to 100% of the real estate market, we carry out an in-depth search to find properties that match your criteria.


Property visits

We arrange detailed tours of selected properties, providing in-depth information to help you make informed decisions.



We negotiate on behalf of our clients to obtain the best possible conditions, whether for the purchase or rental of the property.


Validation of documents

We verify the authenticity of all property-related documents, ensuring a legal and secure transaction.


Administrative management

We take care of all administrative procedures, including formalities related to DEWA, Ejari, and other administrative aspects.


Personalized support

Throughout the process, our team is with you personally, providing dedicated service and ensuring your real estate experience is hassle-free. 

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